Romantic rose cake (inspired by Peggy Porschen)

After the Christmas cupcake marathon, it took me over a month to get back to caking! But this week I finally got inspired: I bought Peggy Porschen’s book „Romantic Cakes“ and just dedicated my entire weekend to the crafting of one little cake – a six-inch tier out of the „Romantic Rose Cake“ mentioned in that book, but with all the flowers, in miniature form.

All photos by the ever lovely John Flury – my thanks!


The cake inside is vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream and blackberry preserve filling. This time I took absolutely no shortcuts – I even covered my first cake board in fondant for nice presentation, and bought a pretty purple ribbon (so I didn’t have to worry about a perfect edge, hehe).


I couldn’t be more pleased about how the cake turned out. My roses are far from perfect, but this was my second time making them. These need a lot of practice! It took me the whole of eight hours to make 14 little roses (full bloom roses, half opened ones and rosebuds). I’m delighted how the delicate petal turned out.


This is the first cake I’ll be sad to give away. I didn’t make it for anyone but myself, for my own pleasure and practice. So I’ll just take it into the office tomorrow – my coworkers are in for a treat! 🙂



  • Cake was made from the classic sponge recipe with equal amounts of flour, sugar, butter and egg. I brushed it with vanilla syrup (which again was hard to make without cream of tartar! Someone will need to show me the trick one day…)
  • The buttercream was made with equal parts butter and icing sugar. I don’t really like this recipe because the frosting is too sweet for my taste. But it set up wonderfully in the fridge and was great for crumb-coating. Also, the egg-free recipe has the advantage that I can keep the cake outside of the fridge – something that the fondant appreciates.
  • I used my new Sweetwise mat to roll out the fondant with. The system in itself is genius, but this time around I had some trouble with the fondant. I used ready-bought Regalice Fondant from Dr. Oetker. It was so sticky that it stuck to the mat in a thousand tiny crumbs and tore when I tried to peel the mat off of it. I had to knead it again with lots of icing sugar and also prepare the mat with vegetable fat for it to work. After that, everything went beautifully.
  • I wanted to make the roses from gumpaste, but then they wouldn’t have been edible (I have no access to pasteurized eggwhites). So I mixed CMC into the Regalice fondant. It was too soft to work with (I suspect flower paste would have been less tricky to handle), but I’m still happy with the results visually.
  • Taste: The cake was good but as expected, the buttercream was too sweet for my taste. The cake itself was quite crumbly, but not as fine as I would have expected from a sponge. I will try to get real cake flour for my next cake. This cake was baked with flour from the city mills, but I’m afraid this flour isn’t  finely ground enough. Still searching for the perfect taste/consistency combination.

Post edit:

I think my coworkers liked the cake. Within no time it was history including the icing on the board 🙂

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  1. thomas
    05.02.2013 at 20:13 (5 Jahren ago)

    This was delicious 😉 what an incredible piece of art! And thanks for bringing it in to the office…


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