The creative head and heart behind  Minh Cakes is  Xuân-Minh Fritschy  (pronounced: Soon Min), a passionate cake designer with Swiss and Vietnamese roots. She loves to make people happy with her creations. When she discovered the world of cake decorating in 2012, it was love at first sight. She learned almost all her cake decorating skills by herself and particularly enjoys making sugar flowers. In 2013, she opened her bespoke wedding cake studio in Zurich, now turned cake school, and hasn’t stopped since.

Portrait Minh 2016
Foto: Obsoquasi

As an artist, she enjoyed creating new designs for every new bride she served – and has now switched her passion to teaching. She is a beloved instructor and has already taught the art of sugar to over 2000 students.

As a former webdesigner, she also loves blogging and food photography. You can follow her sweet journey in our blog section.

Xuân-Minh and her team are excited to teach you our cake decorating knowledge.