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Today I’ve got a great tutorial for you: A very cute  sugar mini rose that is incredibly easy to make.

It’s a perfect decoration for small sweets like cupcakes, mini cakes, cake pops and cookies!

Minh Cakes sugar mini rose

Mini rose video

I made a video explaining the mini rose step by step for you here:

These are the tools you will need for this project:

  • Sugar paste  (today I’m working with a 50%-50% mix of fondant and florist paste. You can also use  fondant with CMC)
  • Gel food color for the flowers (Sugarflair Rose) and leaves (Sugarflair Gooseberry)
  • Toothpicks
  • Some shortening
  • A large decorating tip (I’m using a Wilton #2A here)
  • A workboard
  • A rolling pin
  • plastic sleeve

Minh Cakes Mini-Rose aus Zucker Tools

First, knead your paste with a little bit of shortening, then color it to your liking.

Minh Cakes Mini-Rose Tutorial

Roll out your paste to 0,5mm approximately. Using the large end of your tip, cut 6 circles.

Minh Cakes Mini-Rose Tutorial

Put the circles in your plastic sleeve and thin out the edges by smoothing them lightly with your finger.

Minh Cakes Mini-Rose Tutorial

Lay your circles in a straight line. They should overlap by about a third.

Minh Cakes Mini Rose Tutorial

Start with the bottom circle and roll it tightly (like a sleeping bag), but with very little pressure. You don’t want to squash it!

Minh Cakes Mini Rose Tutorial

Cut your roll in half – you’ll get two flowers!

Minh Cakes Mini Rose Tutorial

Squish the cut surface together a little bit.

Minh Cakes Mini Rose Tutorial

Roll back the outer petals to open then. You’ve just made a mini rose!

Minh Cakes Mini Rose Tutorial

For leaves, make green circles using the same technique as above. Use your decorating tip to cut two leaves from each circle.

Minh Cakes Mini Rose Tutorial

Pinch each leaf on the end to create a vein.

Minh Cakes Mini Rose Tutorial

Tada! Now you just need to bake some cupcakes to place your mini roses on.

Minh Cakes Mini-Rose aus Zucker Resultat

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Happy rosemaking,
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